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Thread: Big Daddy!!!!!!!!!!

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    Big Daddy!!!!!!!!!!

    I got to run over to Kieth Lake for a quickie this evening. The tide was a fast out going tide which is perfect for one of my spots. Got out there to find bait bustin eveywhere. The only problem was that the so-called NW wind was actually a direct W wind which blows right into the channel that I was planning on fishing. The water was real muddy so I threw tops. No takers so I switch to plastics fished with rockport rattlers. Still nothing. Well its getting dak and I can see fish hitting they just don't want what I got. In a last ditch effort I tie on a topwater in a color that no one would normally fish in water that muddy, but it has been one of my better baits. Well first cast and Kablewy. Of course I miss him since that topwater shot way out of the water. SO I keep plugging and finally another heart attack strike. This time I connect. This thing starts stripping drag like there's no tomorrow. Finally get him in and it turns out to be a 32" red that I would say was probably around 12lbs All this on a trout rod. Yippee!

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    fishing fireman
    That is awesome...congrats!!!

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    WOW!!!!!!!! Way to go!

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    Cool story,sometimes it takes what you wont think will work.

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    Nice Report, not much better than a top water explosion
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