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Thread: I`m a new guy and you will not believe what I just hooked.

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    I`m a new guy and you will not believe what I just hooked.

    Last weekend I went salt water fishing and hooked a 2 lb sand trout. Can you believe it.LOL I really want to catch some fresh water cats and I did miss ya`lls gathering this weekend. I really wanted to let you guys know that I did join your fourm and will be visiting the site daily. The only problem is my phone line is dead, and right now I can only get online on other phone lines. I will be online by Thanksgiving for sure with high speed. I can`t reply to any post untill next Sat. the 15th and thanks for any welcoms. Later Royce

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    Welcome Royce

    Welcome Royce and we appreciate your deligence and tenacity , we need more people like you to get on here daily and post some information or just to chat with us about whatever you want, Again welcome to famiily.GB

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    welcome royce

    any public library has puters and net acces no charge. FOR SURE. also collage campuses have a satalite network once yer on there net work a lap top will hook you up without a phone conection , i think .

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    hello royce,
    guys this man is a friend of mine from work, he drives the yard mule that moves trailers around so they can loaded andunloaded, he has told me about his lines and he will be on active soon

    welcome aboard

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