Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2003 12:08 am Post subject: List of attendees at last rodeo


ok now that **** is back i'll take my break knowing the site is in good hands and everything So if ya all get a rodeo gowin gagain i'l ltr yto be there;
last meet in g attedence were
1. Jim Hilton Old River
2. Reihardt Zwarh aka Zeke
3. Paul LOginion-Hardin TX
4 Patsy Hilton-Old River,Tx
5 Carrie Loginion-Hardin, tx
6 Sam Alford- liberty Tx
7. Debbie Alford -Liberty,Tx
8. John Cowan-aka Big John- Kingwood Tx
9. Tyler Jordan- Aka Ants in Pants -kingwood tx
10. Tim Roberts aka **** Plum Grove tx
11 Dean aka deerob -Plum Grove tx
12. Brian Roberts aka Deckhand- Plum Grove, tx
13. Deann's fiance
14. Tom cook aka Gator, dayton Tx
15. Jack Cook senior Houston
16. Jack Cok jr aka Latergator, Sugarland TX
17. Anthony Cook
18. Anita Cook
19 Savannah Cook
20 .Rick Slade Houston
21. Mark Slade Hou tx
22. David Maki aka MrMakAuctioneer. Duncanville Tx
23 Uncle Bill
24. Adam Berry aka berry1 dayton tx
25 James Oliver aka Mudcat Houston .tx
26. Randy aka catfishboat Huntsville tx
27. Sharon -Huntsville
28. Nico - Huntsville t
29. Gloria Luna aka Warden, Huffman tx
30 Ben Luna aka gb
31 .jaime Tyler- huffman
32 jame Tyler
33 Devin Tyler
34, Dan Luna aka Powerstroke cowboy
35. Corey - Dans lady
36 . Fred Baird
37. Hannah Baird
38. Berrys son #1
39 Mrs Berry
40.. Joey Berry
41. Berry son #2 sorry had no names for thr Berry Boys
If I left anyone out please let me know as I did a poor job of getting people to sign the guest/member book this time. i know I am missing about 4 or 5 more o fgators family bu ti can't get my list.