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Thread: Welcome MMS

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    Welcome MMS

    Welcome to FishingTx MMS!! Where do you fish and what for? Share some fishing stories and enjoy the site.

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    Actually I am the wife of MMS. I ran across this site by accident while trying to find something on the web in regards to public boat ramps on Lake Conroe. I thought this would be a site my husband would really enjoy.

    We just got our boat (Nitro) last summer. We have been out on Lake Houston a few time but are really hoping to get a lot more fishing in this year. We have an eleven year old that lives for fishing. We are hoping to take a weekend pretty soon and head out to Lake conroe maybe.

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    Thanks for the welcome. I am sure my our friends and co-workers will be proud we found this site. Now perhaps we can ask oiur many questions here as well as to this fishing budies at work.

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    Welcome to FishingTx
    Everyone ought to believe in something; I believe I'll go fishing

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    Welcome MMS. Feel free to ask those questions. Lots of people here who know what they are doing.

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    thanks for all the warm welcomes. I know we have been talking about visiting Lake Conroe. We are not familiar with any public boat ramps however? We want to stay more to the north of the lake away fromt he jet skis and speedboats. Does anyone have any suggestions. Someone mentioned to me a few moments ago "Scotts Ridge" off FM 1097?

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    Welcome to MMS & wife !! We don't claim to be the best, we don't claim to be the largest but we do claim to be the freindliest website in Texas!!:captain:
    This site was made for everyone who enjoys Texas fishing. Whether you are a pro or a novice! Come in and introduce yourself! Share techniques, stories, baits, photo's, etc. If you are skilled at catching fish, please share with the group. If you need help, or would simply like to learn, please ask. We are glad to have you here. We truly hope you enjoy Fishingtx the best Texas Jugliners website in Texas! After all... this is YOUR group
    check out the Cagle Recreation area on the north side of the lake and stubblefiled park on west side of the lake !!:shower:

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    Welcome to fishingtx MMS!Enjoy the site.

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    How would we get to Cagle recreation area or stubblefiled park? We are familiar with the area's around the lake, these name however are new to us. Thanks agian for your help.

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