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Thread: take care all im leaving for bagdahd

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    take care all im leaving for bagdahd

    well guys finally got the call today ive been waiting for so back to houston in the morning for the flight. i may or may not have internet over there if i do ill let you know how things are going as much as they let me. if not ill post when i get back over here. for those of you that dont know i work contracts for the department of defence sometimes and this is one of those times. ill be working at some palace over there so its heavly guarded so no worries there lol just hate to be a truck driver they have the worst and most dangerous job. well guys its been fun ill when i get back ill have cheryl post it so we can get a gathering going either there in houston or up around dfw somewhere.dont think i can fish while im there so cant go after the big catfish they have plus not sure i want to go off post lol even though i know we cant but stay there work eat sleep and you know the other lol take care cant wait to get back but plan on being gone a year with a break every 4 months for a wk or two. good fishing and catch some for me since my equipment will be gathering dust while im gone lol

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    Loads of Luck and we'll keep you on the prayer list!!

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