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Thread: Question about bottom fishing the deep blue

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    Question about bottom fishing the deep blue

    When i drop my line in the water in the deep blue sea is there a way i count or figure for the footage on dropping my line to a certain depth? any info would be greatly apreciated. I will be using a shimano 700 tekota with 50 pound test (225 yds) and 10 - 20 oz weight.

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    I dont know any good way to do that other than a line counter mounted on your reel.

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    You could mark your line with a magic marker in 25 ft.increments and count
    the marks as they come off the reel spool.Low tech,but much cheaper than
    buying a line counter reel.
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    That is a good point I never thought to do that but then agian I've always just guessed. I've never need to go any more than 30-50 ft and thats easy to judge when your just casting out and letting it sink. I just cast out where i think it needs to be and let it sink. If nothig bites i a few min I either reel in or let it sink. Agian using that maker trick is a good idea.

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    I've tried the markers, but they are hard to find and keep track of if they don't wash off first. I used to purchase the pre-tied slip knot devices and place them every 20-25 feet. Now I tie my own and use different color thread at different levels. The small knots will reel in with no problem and won't come off. For the most part they will stay where you put them. Works great for freshwater when the fish are suspended too.

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    I just count. First I count the the weight all the way to the bottom. From that you can determine the sink rate. Then its just a matter of counting to the depth you want or need. I no longer worry about the actual depth just at what number I counted to when the fish bit.

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