I am sure this has happened to you at one time or another. You are all loaded up and ready to leave the dock and "BAM", motor problems. Your fishing trip plans, just got shattered. So you piddle with the motor, scratch your head, say a few cuss words,smoke a cigarette or two, say a few more cuss words, then decide to head back home.
First thing Monday morning, you are burning up the phone calling repair shops, and what happens, here come the cuss words, Nobody is open on Mondays!!And you ask your self, why aren't these people open on Mondays? I don't know the answer as to why, or even why the barber shop is closed on Monday.But I did find a Boat repair Shop/Marine that is open on Monday.
Huntsville ATV and Marine I recently called Huntsville ATV and Marine on a Monday and spoke to the Owner, Marsh Miller. I felt very comfortable speaking to Marsh over the phone, He was up front on the cost of what we thought was wrong with my motor, and was even going to offer to make a service call to the lake.In short, I took my boat to him for repairs. The repairs were accomplished in a timely manner and the bill was what I expected, from when I first spoke to Marsh over the phone. The service manager went that extra step and did a compression check and adjusted the carb. Well, My hat goes off to Huntsville ATV and Marine 936-438-8000

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