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Thread: Where to surf fish in Galveston?

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    Where to surf fish in Galveston?

    Can someone tell me some good places to surf fish from Galveston and some links to rig setups: hooks sizes and rigs.

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    I used to surffish alot. I wouldn't waste my time on the west end of Galveston:grrr: . The rich snobs down there don't want us poor old fishermen on THEIR beach. Don't start me on that arguement . If I were you I would go to Surfside beach near access #5 or I would go to Matagorda. The beach at Matagorda costs 6bucks for a year round pass and you can drive for miles if you have 4 wheel drive and get away from the crowds. You can also go to Bolivar just a few miles past the ferry. Galveston has more or less let the surf fishermen that they would rather cater to the rich developers and disregard the laws of the Open Beaches Act.

    OK, I'll get off my high horse now. If you will go to you will find a lot of guys there that specialize in surf fishing and they will even invite you along.


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    There is still beach access on the west end of Galveston, not as much as there once was, but you can still fish in some areas. There are a few beach access points starting at the Rusty Hook, and down to San Louis Pass where you can still drive to the beach front. A very popular area is near the water tower. there isn't as much area to fish any more and it draws alot of fisherman when the water is green. You need to hurry and fish, at the rate they are building on the west end, there will not be any place to fish in a few years.

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