Man I made the mistake of grabbing some chorizo new to me, from a grocery store I seldom visit. Took a break from mowing to make me some breakfast
and noticed the chorizo had exceptionally large chunks of ? in it when I squeezed it into the skillet. Then it softened up some as it heated and could see the chunks were long, irregular, stringy or grissly, hard knots, .
Well ya know, it is all packaged quite convincingly-name like "Loco Tio Pedro"
with a picture of a Messican laying on a bed of peyote buttons drinking tequilla. I had to look at the wrapper. Made by Swift & Co.:grrr: Main wrapper says Pork Chorizo but in the Ingredients 1st one is "mechanically
separated chicken". Then it went on to the pork snouts, spleens, eyeballs,
etc.....I don't have a sqeamish stomach but my dog Boudreaux had a banner breakfast. I hope all the cuminos don't cause him to develop Irritable Bowel