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    Gigging around

    Have you ever wanted to do something for years & never seem to have the time to do it? Or for that matter have the money to do it? Well check this out. The Lord blessed me Friday with a first time ever gigging trip. I have been wanting to do this for the last 25yrs. Went to Galveston on a guided trip with Capt Scott McKey ( & his good friend Brian. They took me & a friend, Charlie, gigging. We gigged 30 flounder in about 3 1/2 hrs. This was also the first time I have ever gotten my limit in the 30 plus yrs I have been fishing. What a wonderful night - I was truly blessed.
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    Now that is some good giggin.When you gonna bring me a big bag of those tasty critters?Thanks for the post Layton.Your hooked now huh?

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    wow...great post......i tried that at night about 20 years ago.......bunch of guys i worked with all went down near san luis pass to a back cove......carried lanterns and a gig......walked for about 2 hours in mid shin depth water.......too afraid we would either step on a ray or gig one....

    the pic of the one by the measure guys too hungry before you could take the pics?.......LOL

    good looking pics.....thanks for the post.
    Clark.......gigem '91

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    Wow, I'm with John, about those tasty critters. Flounder gigging is something I want to do also. That is why I am gonna get a saltwater stamp this month.

    Good going guys!!!

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    I've never tried that before. You have a bunch of good eating there.

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    Nice Bunch of fish
    I am a big fan of flounder
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    great trip.flouder are some great table fair.stuff with stove top dressing and shrimp and green onions and bake.
    theres room for all gods creatures,
    right next to the mashed taters.

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    it looks like yall had a fun time and you finally got to do something youve looked forward to for years. great post and pics. keep em coming.

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    Ah yes, the flattie. Some lemon, butter, and Tony Chaceres. Can't wait for the fall run. Great trip!
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