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Thread: I woundew why this category was made?

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    I woundew why this category was made?

    It dosen`t have anything to do with the new "Cry Baby"section dose it? Hmmmm I wounder. LOL I may not post alot but I love to read the "Another world" section. See ya`ll at the gathering. And I will be changing my sig after the gathering to "lets go fishing".

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    Ay that's cool I don't know what I am doing wither that's why I keep going back to all this gatherings , Mudcat how many does it make?? heck the 1st one was only three people. shure has grow had over over at the last one and even more at this one.

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    I'm with you ben, I keep wondering if i'm doing it right, so i keep goin back to make sure.
    The first we had 3 regulars and 1 news person (wonder where he went) and a couple from across the lake, can't rember who they were. Wish they would post so we could get to know them.

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