put in about 0730 at flour bluff, went out to the intercoastal, checked some spots on the dropoff, NADA. Checked the channels at padre isles, NADA, back out to the ICW, ran across the bay to shamrock cove messed around and got into a few flounder on paddle tail jigs and corky devils. headed back and tried spots along the ICW dropoff in various places and picked up several trout on corkys to show for it

thats my story...corkys rock and if i was a bass fisher, id be using em fer my secret weapon. they are made by B & L lures. and you gotta fish em S-L-O-W. like it takes 7 min. to bring in a cast. they have an ultra slow sink rate which fish (especially sluggish winter fish) cant resist. just my two cents.

its been awhile since my last post so i thought i would contribute something with this report.