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Thread: MOB 090806 My new yak hauler, beach toy and 1st trip with her.

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    MOB 090806 My new yak hauler, beach toy and 1st trip with her.

    My new yak hauler, beach toy and 1st trip with her.

    This is my first trip sense May and with work being busy and my oldest fishing buddy (DAD) being in ICU 6 week with CHF finally get him settle back home now he is back again in the hospital. I could not stand it anymore. I played hooky and I hit the surf..,off to the MOB I went

    Well her she is,, O and Bryan a.k.a finchaser. I did take a pic with you in it. Lol in side joke sorry guys

    So we get set up Yakked out 3 baits ( Ray, half a bonita and a rock star mullet

    and realized that we needed more big baits, so I made a call and federal express will delivery anywhere.

    Just kidding we had bait. But I could not resist. I have never seen a FX truck on the beach and I knew there was a story in there

    Not longr after we set up and we started cast netting for some fresh bait. My 6/O wide with the bontia on it.. went off ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Big time. She peeled of about 100 yards and at first, after the run, thought I lose her and she made a run straight at me for at least 150 yards, I don’t think she knew she was hook until I finally caught up with her and then she started the pulling game. It was nice to feel the excitement of catching a shark and good size shark (well for me any ways) and not think about anything else, if you know what I mean,( It’s my own kind of therapy)
    Finally get her on the beach, she was a health 5 plus footer full of p*** and vinegar, notice the sand all over her and me,,lol …did the CPR thing and maybe I’ll she her next year

    After that only two other run, but no hook up, all in all it that a great day no skeeter and a southern wind most of the day being light in the morning and picking up as the day went on, seas where flat in the morning and picked up a little as the day went on, plenty of bait in water, but could not pick up any whiting for bait, did see a few rays jump about100 yards off the beach trying to get away from something. Hint hint,,lol Mr. toothy was out there.. Good color in the water green all the to the beach

    Be safe live long and fish hard,, peace everyone,
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    You seem well equiped and organized for surf fishing. Do you go for the big reds?

    You don't have to worry about casting distance with the kayak.

    Let me guess: Bryan was too 'sick' to work Friday, and didn't want to be in a picture!
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    bull reds!!! you bet.. there starting there run now.. I hopeing this is going to be a great year for them.

    here is one from earlier this year

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    great report.haven't been to the surf since june.your right about the reds.the should be really tearing up.never used a yak i always had to wade out and cast my baits.
    theres room for all gods creatures,
    right next to the mashed taters.

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    great report....i seem well equiped for surf fishing........wrastling with a shark on the beach........hmmmm.......don't think it is for me. i would have been glad i was on the shore and not in the water.....thanks for the post. Fed Ex pic is a classic too.....great one.
    Clark.......gigem '91

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