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Thread: Need Lure advice

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    Need Lure advice

    Hows everyone doing? I'm about to go get some fishing supplies, so I need advice on which lures to pick out. I usually fish of San Luis Pass and sometimes the Surfside Jetties and whenever I go I mostly use dead/live bait most of time. My friends that I go with have been using Yo-zuri lures and have been catching speckled trout and other fish with them.

    My question is, which Yo-zuri lure should I be looking into for Speckled trout? My friends used the 3d crystal minnows and the 3d fingerling. Also which colors work best?

    I've also been looking into the Rapala X-rap slashbait, anyone use these either and what about those Texas Trout Killer II lures?


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    Welcome to de board Circlehook ..I use perch and beef heart, shad so not much on salty fishing but some of those saltties will be by in a little bit to help you out!!!

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    I can’t really give you much feedback on the hard bait, the only hard bait I chunk is a thunder stick and shedogs, now for the soft bait I may be able to help. I toss a tandem speck rig with a roach( hogie with a lime tail) and limetrusse (bass assassin)comb. Work very well for me in the surf and in the lights , I just started using a flutter hook.

    I hope this helps..

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    oh what a question

    I gave this alot of thought before posting and almost decided not to say anything. Eighteen years ago when I started fishing Trinity Bay, I caught the majority of everything on a plumb and white shrimptail. I used a plain leadhead jig with no color but the lead color it came with out of the package. I caught more than my share of fish this way too. The thing is, now I have more than one tackle box full of all the colors and flavors that the tackle companies offer. If you know of something that works, use it. The main thing is to find something that you have alot of confidence in and throw it as if you expect to catch something on every cast. I have gone back to the plumb and white shrimptail along with chartreuse sand eel and solid white. You will find your favorites soon but you will continue to buy more and more just like the rest of us. That's why Academy stays soooo busy.


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    get some norton sand ell juniors glow and chart.pearl and white.also try some of the new berkly gulp 3"shrimp in new penny color.i also use plain lead jig heads.also i have had great luck at the pass with a white and chart. skitterwalk made by rapala.good luck.
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    Interesting... Thanks for the help guys!!! I have only used live shrimp for specks.

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    This is why I like FishingTx so much! Ask and Ye shall recieve.
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    Thanks for the replys guys I learned something !!

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    I like the TTK plastics because they survive many a vicious hit from a speck and don't tear up as easy. The Gulp shrimp are stinky and $$. A little over 5 bucks for a pack of 5. Go with the DOA or try the new Bass Assassin shrimp cocktail. You can use them with jighead or under a popping cork. I'm gonna test 'em out at Keith Lake this friday to see what works best.
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    Last April while planning a trip to Port "A" I compiled this list from the web site "" Had a great time filling it at Academy!

    strawberry/white tout
    MR51 She Dog
    MR51 808 chartreuse or dynamite
    Top Dog Jr. in chartreuse
    52MR subsurface, top water, Bone Spook
    Spook Jr.
    Saltwater Assassin in glow chartreuse
    Clown Rubber-back
    Black Silver Black TD Jr., Red Shad assassin
    Mirrow lure 1100w
    Rappala F11 mag redhead
    1 original Cocahoe
    Producers Ghost
    Pink Skitter Walk
    Corky (any color)
    Mojo Norton Sand Eel
    1/4oz gold spoon
    Woodpecker Super Spook
    chrome and green She Dog
    origional Queen Cocohoe in red and white
    pink Skitter-walk
    Got-Cha plug
    Jumpin Minnow or Ghost
    Morning Glory BA
    Red and White Mirro-lure
    Firetiger BA
    TTF Pumpkinseed/chartreuse tail trout killer
    Bone spook jr.
    Weed less gold spoon
    Chartreuse and Strawberry / White taut (bass assassin)
    Redfish magic
    white Skitter Walk
    pink Skitter Walk
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