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Thread: Giggin and our first vacation

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    Extreme Sharker

    Giggin and our first vacation

    We are taking a 10 day fishing/camping trip our 1st real vacation in twenty years. We will start out surf side work our way south every couple of days till we reach the surf at High Island. Our rig a ford ranger with a pop up out rigged with a trailer hitch that allows us to take the boat behind it, I have yet to figure out how to back it up but i can get it from a to b with out backing up.
    Here is where We need help, We have never gigged them flatty's have no idea where to gigg I can do the 10 day fishing vacation because I don't pay for bait, or guides. I have found most of what I know from fishing with others and alt from the net. but the net and My pals is lacking in direction detailed directions to someones honey hole, lol I know I am asking allot. I promise to clean more than I bring in, and I wont tell a sole only taking the wife and the girl they don't need a blindfold they have poor mapping skills.So the secret will be safe, if not know a guide who Gigs I would like this to be memorable for our little girl I mean she's 15 and gonna be stuck with us in a pop up for ten day's she needs something other than us to pike with a sharp pointy object. Any help greatly appreciated. We have a shinny new cam and will show watcha turned us onto.

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    When you leaving on this journey?

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    on a guided trip with Capt Scott McKey (

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    inter coastal canal always good under most wind directions, behind north jetty protected area park on beach carry a compass every thing looks the same, the bolivar pocket and if you have a boat flats behind pelican island. gigging requires some walking in the dark in knee deep water abounding with schools of bait fish constantly bumping into you. you are truly a brave soul to bring wife and daughter with you, memorable will be only one of the words you use remembering this gigging trip. do they have vivid imaginations the first gar stingray shark or even crab can bring out the screams if they are wading in shorts. but the best part is the skeeters. good luck my wife only went one time with me in the water for about 20 minutes she still complains about that trip.

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    Roadtrip57 hit the nail on the head. My first trip, I wore shorts and was scared to death of jelly fish, along with everything else that lives there. Here is a link to that thread.

    I went again a couple of weeks after that at Rollover Pass. Before I went, I bought a cheap ($5.99) pair of waders, at Academy to see if I wanted to invest in an expensive pair. They made me feel more secure but I did not get over knee deep.

    The mosquitos are very, very thick. Take lots of spray. Have fun and good luck!!!

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    Extreme Sharker
    Nov 17 thru 27 and From Surfside back north to HighIsland to end the trip

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    i have a few spots in those areas i could try to explain where they are or maybe meet you out there. the spots depends how shallow your boat can run and type of fish you want. i suggest you run the areas in the day before trying to navigate them in the dark. be aware many large barges and ships move through some of those channels. i'd buy a top spot map for each area. theyre cheap and can show where to fish.

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    Take repellent. Last time I went to the coast, The skeeters were so bad and big you could see there stripes. Ho

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