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Thread: what fema really is

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    vernon courvelle

    Cool what fema really is

    ok america go back to sleep. post removed
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    I missed something

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    went over me

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    vernon courvelle


    post was removed due to lack of interest, but here it is again. if you think fema is all warm and friendly, and their only function is to save you when there is a storm, then like most americans you do not know their real functions, and power. they are part of home land security. and have more power than the president. they can suspend the constution, declare military martial law. and take over and control every function of government. think not, they did it in new orleans. the state national guard that is under control of the governor,was ordered by fema to POLICE the streets, after MARTIAL LAW WAS DECLARED by fema. regular troops stationed at local bases were also called in. also government contract mercenaries, blackwater security, and isrial isi security were called in.also foreign troops from mexico were sent in. the foreign troop thing was in the news for about one day, then it disappeared off the news real fast. the POINT IS. troops can not be used to police the citizens of this country. IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL it is called posse comotus. if you do not believe this, check it out. type in fema and martial law. fema and executive orders. a executive order is written out by the president and signed, then it is law no vote no nothing.that is how fema came into being, thru a executive order, it was never voted on. type in fema prisons and see what comes up. type in fema rex 84 program. type in foreign troops in new orleans. take the time to look at these sites, before you say oh no they are from the government and are all warm and friendly and are here to save us. it is a fact these people can take control of this country away from the elected officials in washington and run this country with the military. this is not a rant about new orleans ,they used the city for practice , to see if the citizens would let them get away with what they did.and america was silent. let there be another 911 terorist thing in several cities, and this whole country will be under martial law. so check out the sites, draw your own conclusions, and if you still think they are all warm and fuzzy, i have several large bridges for sale you may be interested in. lol.

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