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Thread: Thank you Fishingtx and BOC

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    Thank you Fishingtx and BOC

    I just came back from BOC and saw some of the guys that made the 1st and 2nd BOC Conroe gatherings and it is so sad to see that there is probably not a hand of the orignals that still gets together.
    When we first met here at Lake Houston there were three and maybe 4 total at the first gathering course it was mothers day and we only had two weeks planning. Now there were over 45 at the last one and they keep growing and people keep coming back and bringing freinds and parents, neighbors and we have one heck of a great time.
    I am proud to be part of this group of people that are really good freinds and fishing buddies.
    Thank you and for being a part of my life and allowing me to be a part of yours!!. The largest fishing website and the smallest, kind ah funny tha twe are smal lin size but great big in "Spirit".
    It makes "my heart happy" and "Never shall I fail my comrades"

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    I have been a member on there since back in Sept, That is an awsome sight, I have not met Paul, in person, however, from my knowledge, he is very professional, and takes great pride in the BOC, as do all the members. I think we all have a great deal to be proud of and thankful for. Here and there.

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