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Thread: East Matagorda 3-6-04

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    michael dill

    East Matagorda 3-6-04

    Myself and two friends put the water taxi in at lindas marina on caney creek yesterday and got underway at 0600 and made our way to the southshoreline with intentions to wade.With light winds and a partly cloudy day things looked promising. About halfway acroos the bay we notice that the wind is picking up a bit and blowing directly on the southshoreline and opted to instead drift a couple of reefs adjacent to the shoreline. From 0645 to shortly before 1000 the three of us caught and released 19 trout from 16" to 28",yes 28"!!!It was a trip not soon forgotten.The bite literally shut down just before 1000 as the wind picked up pretty good,so we headed back to Linda marina for a burger and a beer,loaded up and came home

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    Mike that is great?? Did ya get any pics of them fellers??

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    michael dill
    Thanks for the reply here Ben,We had a camera on board but it must have gotten bounced a little to much on the choppy ride aqcross the bay cause when we stopped for a photo op the dern thing was deader than a door nail. It was really hard to not keep'em for some after shots with another camera but 80% of these trout were females full of eggs and we couldnt bring ourselves to box'em. It's okay though I know where there at and will be back on em next weekend with a better protected and more durable camera.

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    !WOW! Nice trip!

    tops or plastic?

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    michael dill
    non commital on top,plastics did the job.

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    so tell me Mike was it the chartruese always that work,, I hope so cuase I've about thrown away everything else it's always my go to plastic unless someone else is catching on another color lol
    The fish are in the water!

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    Wow that's some great fishing. So plastics really hit the sweet spot on those trout. Hopefully that good bite will spread to galveston this weekend.Your report has me ready to call in to work tomorrow..cough cough sniffle sniffle.

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    Hi Micheal Dill,
    That is one of my favorite bays to fish were ya on oysterfarms,clevland or
    halfmoon reefs..Gonna have to make a trip for them spring trout...

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