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Thread: Cedar Creek

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    Cedar Creek

    Ok click the number that best describes how many people will be with you.I am not Ben lol so I dont know about all this fancy cooking pigs and stuff at gathering.

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    figurin 5-8

    should be 5-8 of my bunch er more fer april.
    we need to CRANK up our best shot fellas cedar creek is a great fishin hole with many great fishin holes within 2-3 hours drive, anything at cedar creek lake draws a big crowd, WE NEED TO gear up our thinking to handle at least 500, enthusiest, lookers, members, friends of friends,
    all the other gatherins were practice ya know? CEDAR CREEK HAS A HUGE AUDIANCE TO DRAW FROM, if ya draw a 4 hour radius circle from cedar creek lake i would guess within that circle would be one of the largest fishing crowds in the nation, if not the world. GET READY, GET READY, GET READY

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