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Thread: To anyone fishing the salt this weekend

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    To anyone fishing the salt this weekend

    Unless you want to get caught up in a bumper to bumper traffic jam for hours, Stay away from galvatrz this weekend. There is a giant party going on down there. Fish san luis or high island not Galvatraz. Just a heads up.
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    If you fish San Luis, I suggest going down 288 to surfide and back track along the bluewater highway or forget fishing and just crack open the ice chest and enjoy the party.

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    Yea that week-end can really cause a traffic problem for galveston bound anglers. I plan on heading over early Friday. Hopefully will beat the rush. Got a nice little spot over there that's really been paying off recently in the late afternoon. Got a new recipe to try out so really need a few specks. Are you heading this way?

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