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Thread: Food for the soul

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    Food for the soul

    Why do I fish. I have be asked this so many times over the 40 years I have enjoyed this sport. This is something a lot of people canít understand and it is beyond me why they canít. when I ask them why they donít they tell me they never have luck at it and itís like standing around watching paint dry. That to them there are to many trips that they donít catch fish to keep and itís just not worth the time. I always tell them they are missing the boat. In that fishing isnít just about what you can take home to me. Fish are a plus and the more you do it the better you get at it. That itís not about luck to me. Itís about getting out and enjoying the time. Be it with family or friends or just spending the day by your self. For those that do fish a lot itís a way of life and a way to enjoy life. Be it setting on a bank of a small creek catching small sun fish and willow cat or going offshore trolling for kings. It give a person time to be one with nature and to reflect on life.
    There is something to be said about setting on a bank and watching two squerls playing tag. To just laying back and enjoying the sounds of life nature makes. There is nothing better than setting on a beach watching the sun rise or set. Spending the time not just waiting for a the sound of a clicker to go off on a surf reel or laying back in the boat watching jugs flag one by one. Why do I fish? For the soul in today world we all need something to take our minds on what we deal with day in and day out. Each person has to have that place were they can forget about it all and just re-charge. Mine is on the water. Having a catch to take home is a plus but the enjoyment to me is what itís all about.
    What I have found over the last 47 years is if you learn to enjoy something the pay off will come. Thereís nothing better for the soul than mother nature. I have done a lot of things in my life and I have to say if there is true food for the soul itís spending a day fishing. Just the view of an old broken down fisherman that has found to true meaning of enjoyment of life.

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    Very well said, Don thanks!! Starts my day off right!!

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    I agree with that 100%

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