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Thread: Wife that doesn’t fish

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    Wife that doesn’t fish

    I got married 25 years ago to the love of my life. She didn’t mined spending time with me when live in Porter we would go down to Caney creek off 1485 and spend a afternoon of me play with brim and willow cats while she would catch some sun. After about a year we moved back to my home town of La Porte it was about the same time she was five months into carrying my first daughter. We would go down to the pier a few blocks from were we were living at the time and fish in the afternoons after I got off work. Other than the time she spent with her grandpa when she was six or seven she had fished. Of course you know a husband always have to have that bet between them self when they are doing something. Ours was who ever did catch the biggest fish was change the babies first diaper. I had taken here to one of the spot I new was holding some good size red fish. But being a man I had to make sure the tables were turn in my favor so when I rig her line I put one of the largest hooks I had in the tackle box one her line. Well I had gotten a few reds in the four pound range and she just kept loosing bait. Well as my luck would have it she hooked a fish at first I figured she was hung up the way the line felt but soon the fight was on. She was using a small pole so if figured is couldn’t be that big. Well I was wrong we were able to land the fish and it was a nine pound sheep head. I tried using it wasn’t game fish so it didn’t count. Will it didn’t work and four months later I changed my first and worst diaper I have ever had to this day.

    Well ten year passed and I had got to the point I was able to get my first boat. On my days off we would take the girls to school and then head down to the bay and fish for a few hours I would fish and she would lay in the back of the boat catching some sun. At that time I was only using lures to fish for trout I was throwing plastic that morning and had a few trout in the two to three pound range. The wife said she wanted to fish so I said I don’t have bait only lure and she would do that good not knowing how to work them. Well you would have figured I would have learned not to bet but it ended in whoever didn’t get the biggest trout would have to wash the others car the next two times it was needed. But I didn’t have to tell her what lure to use and how to work it she was on her own. I figure I had it in the bag. If you have never seen my tackle box you would be amazed at the lure it may have in it from time to time. Well she ended up digging out a box of spoons I had in it. So I figured I was in trouble till she pick up a red devil spoon used up north in fresh water so I got a smile on my face and said lets do it. We could change lure I was throwing a red./white tout and se was throwing what I figured she couldn’t buy a bite with. Well I picked up a few more trout in the three to three and a half range and knew I was gong to be watching her wash may truck for the next month. Then it happen she got a hook up not only with a trout but a big one it broke was soon as she set the hook after what seem a long fight we netted her catch what turn out to be a five and a half pound trout. I couldn’t believe it. She then said I win and I’m done. I told her we still had about and hour before we had to head to the ramp. She said that she was done and I would beat it. Well I worked like a mad man for the next hour and only pick up two more trout in the two pound range on flounder at about four pounds and a nice red at about seven pound that I tried to pass off as the winner but she said it was trout and trout only and her car needed washing soon as we got home. So when it comes to fishing I don’t bet with her at all now something about her when she needs to she can hook up with what ever she need. I threw that d--a-m red devil over the rest of the year from time to time and never got a hit. I want to call it luck but I think if she threw it she would hook up and I would never bet that she couldn’t.

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    My wife has the same luck or is it skill???That's why I don't take her fishing , she is also very good with a shot gun, we don't hunt together either. :shock:

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