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    Through a tomboys eyes

    Back in 1986 a group of friends from the plant I work at took trip to five fingers cove on lake Sam Rayburn We spent the weekend running trot lines with only a few cats to show for the weekend. The other families in the group were on their weekend off and I was on my long change so everyone left Sunday a my family were going to stay till the middle of the week. So at this time I didnít have a boat so after Sunday we were bank bound. Which if you have fished Rayburn you know you can do a lot of perch jerking off the banks of that lake. So we spent the next few days enjoying some fine brim fishing and some of the biggest brim I have hooked to date. Well the lake level had been coming up all week end and by Monday after noon the brush that would normally be on the lake shore was about seven to ten foot out in the lake. My oldest girl at that time was six and my tomboy and could stick next to me when it came to fishing all day long and she is still that way. Well it was just about sun down and I had made a deal with some guys camping next to us that were running trot I was giving them brim for bait and they were filling my cooler with nice size catfish. So I was working at my brim fishing and wasnít taking the time to bait her line every time she lot a worm. I tried telling her why I wasnít taking the time to bait her up and throw her line out. She said but dad there a big fish out by the bushes I looked were she was pointing and didnít see a thing. After about ten min. she kept it up and I bait her line up and threw it out. Soon as it hit the water she said that not the place it had to be over there next to that bush he still the, I kind of blew her off and told her it was that far away and the fish would come over and bite it. I pull a few more brim out from under the willow tree I had been fishing. She had reeled in the line by the and said ok I need you to throw it back out for me but this time it needs to be next to that bush on that side of it point to the spot . Well I was looking I couldnít see bass but she kept saying I can see it and itís still there. Well I said I donít see a thing but I put it in her spot and went back to fishing for my brim. About the time I set back down on the bucket I had been using for a seat she started screaming and I thought the drag on her 404 was going to drown out the noise she was making. I told her give the rod to me and she being the tomboy she was she said itís my fish and Iím going to catch it. Well she did let me adjust the drag and a few min. later she had landed a nice three pound black bass. We took a picture and she was standing there with a big smile one her face and a hand on her hip looking at me like ďsee I told you so you just didnít believe meĒ I also was the longest ride home because I had to hear how she got the biggest fish of the weekend. I still have the picture and it bring the biggest smile to my face every time a look at it. And out of all the trips this has to be one of the best. This is one of the reason to take a kid fishing it will bring joy to your hart in later year when you look back they give you as much if not more to remember.

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    Thanks Don, i share some of the same stories about my little girl.

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