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Thread: Dead sharks do bite!

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    Dead sharks do bite!

    I was lucky in one way by working shift in a plant. I missed a lot of things when my girls got in high school but in the year before they started school we spent a lot of time together fishing. Back then I mostly did surf fishing. It was a type of fishing were the whole family could enjoy the time we had together. We started these weekly trip when my girl could fit in a five gallon bucket to wash of before the ride home. We would hit the beach before or right at sun up. I would catch bait and have my pole set and if it was a good day have a shark or red or tow landed before they wife girl would wake up and start doing their beach thing. The wife would hit the shell pad and find sharks teeth and the kids would fill their buckets with the priceless sea shells. Most days we had a mile of beach front to our self one of the nice thing about hitting the beach on a week day. This one day the sharks in the three foot range were thick most of the time I had tow pole going off at the same time the was a lot of gafftops biting that day also with a bull red mixed in now and then. By 0900hrs that day I had about five good gafftops in the cooler and had beached a few sharks and a bull red. The sharks had been sand sharks which I do not keep. But I ended up landing a three to four foot black tip. Which I was going to keep to cook on the pit that night. The girl always want the jaws out of the sharks that I would clean and keep. Now both of my girl had been raised on the beach and knew when I told them what to do and not do they did it. Well I clean the first shark and cut the head off. The oldest had laid a claim to the jaws out of it. .I had cut the head off and iced it down and told her to stay away from the head for a while. Well about ten min later I hooked up with another black tip landed it took the pictures and started to clean it. It had been about 20min since I had cut the head off the first one and my oldest asked if se could look at the head I looked at it and the skin was starting to wrinkle so I told her sure it was starting to dry out. I was about half ways through clean the second shark when my oldest said dad the shark bit me. At first I was like sure she pulling my leg. The she said it again in a voice that was half crying so I look over my shoulder and she was right she was holding a decapitated sharks head in one hand and the shark had her index finger in it mouth up the middle of the finger. I jump up and yell to my wife who is digging through shell pad down the beach. I get to her and I can see that this dead shark teeth are sunk deep into her finger. By this time she can see the look on my face and she still isnít cry hard but saying it biting hard. So I tell her not to pull her finger because it would cut it bad. So I take my knife and stick it into the mouth of the shark and tell her not to pull her finger out till I get his mouth open. Being dad tomboy she still wasnít crying hard. The only problem was when I got the sharks mouth about half ways open she jerked her finger out. Well she ended up with four punctures and three slices down her finger which were not as deep as they could have been. A few min work with the first-ad kit and she was back over at the head asking when I was going to cut the jaws out. I asked her how the shark bit her she said she pick up the head and it had a clump of sand just under the tip of itís noise and when she wiped it off the shark open it mouth and lunged and bit her finger. At first I figured she just stuck her finger I itís mouth and in handling it the mouth closed. But the younger girl was still by the blazer and I asked her how it happen I got the same story. So from that point on we let the head lie for a least an hour before pick them up to cut the jaws out. Lesson learned !

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    soft shell turtles will do the same.

    I once shucked a 35 pounder and when I was cleaning up I took the decapitaed head and was feeling the sharp edges of its jaws when it clamped down on my finger. Scared the poopy out of me. It didn't bite down hard enough to break the skin but it was mighty close to it.

    Lesson learned never put your finger in a turtles mouth no matter how long it's head has been severed from the rest of the body...hehehe...

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    I once cut the head off a copperhead that was on our patio. It would open its mouth everytime I walked by it for about an hour. Weird.

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