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Thread: First an apology

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    First an apology

    I want to apologize to everyone first because I have not been running this site as i used to.My plan is to update the site and the homepage the search engines crawl ..I think we will put mudcats jugs and some pics of gatherings on the main page.I want to update the forum and the links on it.

    I have been thru TOO MUCH lately with this mess and grouchy folks til I let it get to me,so now Im gonna as I used to and just work my **** off on it.

    I have plans to be there for the MAY GATHERING with t-shirts mousepads and caps.(HOPEFULLY) I have simply had too much going at one time here.

    Hoping to get pics of Josh this weekend so you can see who you are sponsoring..

    My Josh has moved out so I have to chase him down for help lol...But I think we need a new logo if anyone is interested in making one we can all vote on them...I also want to talk about the embroidary machine...I have forgottan who had it SORRY but I would like to see what we can do with some caps ..I dont like the caps Ive made so far so my kids where them LOL...I think they need the embroidary patch..

    Ok so this is where I stand with the site and my plans NO I didnt gripe I cooled off and decided to let it go

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    Glad you are back!!

    No Apology needed!! :!: i t goes with the territory. :?
    :lol: Glad to see ya back !!! 8)
    Sorry Mark had to leave :cry:

    In our heritage when you get out of high school they take your plate and your fork away from you :roll: and you move out :cry: , i know that's not how folks do it here :? but that's what we did. The eagle has ta leave the nest some time. :P

    May gathering should be a gas :lol: with just about everyone present 8) and accounted for , bring your stuff.

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    im with you cherly sometime we got to set back regroup and sometimes punt your grabbing the ball going for the touchdown you have my respect and gradiutude thanks tom

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    Sometimes you gotta just go with the flow. We'll manage thru the rough spots(if any, I didn't even notice).Glad things are working out. 8)
    watching the skies...

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