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Thread: all work & no play time

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    choo choo man

    all work & no play time

    since i've gone back to work it's been 6 12'[s or 5 12's or a vacation 5/19,going to lake livingston,wolf creek's my old stomp'n grounds,let yall know how i did.sorry i cann't the muster at bj's.i know i'm missing something good,be at the next one for sure,i'd sure like to meet more members and chery.chery, this is one fine web site and a bunch of fine people,love it.they need to start restocking the lakes,catfish are start going to be short in supply in all

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    B careful there chooo choo man and don't forget to blow the horn at all intersections !! :lol: :lol: :shock:

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