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Thread: Trinty River North of Lake Livingston

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    Jeff Gordon63 Guest

    Trinty River North of Lake Livingston

    Any body out there fishing the Trinity river north of River Side? Took a boat ride Sunday and headed north for 8 to 10 miles. Beautiful water and scenery up there. Did not expect to see 30 bluffs with 35 deep mirror smooth water. Saw several guys dropping jug lines, running lines and bass boats zooming by. Any reports? Cant wait to go back!

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    My grandfather used to trot & jug north of riverside & they took a lot of big cats out of there back in the 90es
    as big as 90lb. have pic but no way to post them

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    I was out there last weekend the water was clear and green. I did a lot of running around but didn't get any jugs out. I did notice a lot of shallow lines out in about 2' of water as well as single hook free floating jugs. I never stuck around long enough to find out if anyone was doing any good.

    I do plain on going back and droping some lines myself. running some shallow lines in about 1' of water seems to be where the fish are. :wink: :wink:

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    Jeff Gordon63 we welcome you and appreciate your post !! ops:
    Only thing I can tell you about RiverSide is tha the Ellis 1 unit is just north of there and I could see the river from J-23 DeathRow cell#21.
    It is a beautifull river and holds alot of big cats.
    Good to see you BB duck and Randall
    Make my day!

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    Yea Jeff, we're a little worried around here. Ben got off on a technicallity so they had to let him out!
    watching the skies...

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    dpiper Guest
    I guess I should have said this here.

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    ben is this true or just a joke?

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