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Thread: Crappie Fishing in the bayou

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    Crappie Fishing in the bayou

    Can i get a little info please, can anyone tell me when the Crappie will start spawning in Luce's Bayou, i was there 2 weeks ago and the water temp was 60 to 62 degrees, is that warm enough to kick them off or what is a ideal temp. to look for. Thanks for the info.
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    I'll tell you what I've been told. They should be in full run in the next week or two. I have been told that for a month now. Water temp at least 65 and holding. Not there yet.

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    Most of the females I've caught here lately are nowhere near spawning although they don't all spawn at the same time I'd say they have a while to go yet.
    They can be caught in some of the staging areas now. The ones I've caught look to be full of eggs but when I opened'em up were only full of Shad!!!
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    won't be long according to the almanac!!
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