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Thread: flesh eating bacteria ???

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    flesh eating bacteria ???

    seen on the news about a man who died from flesh eating bacteria on lake Conroe . may he rest in peace .
    I ' ve never heard of this on Conroe before .
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    like I said before,I know of 2 people that got it at lake Livingston,they didn't die but it was a long trip to recovery.A good friend of mine got it from sticking his finger with a shrimp while fishing west bay.I is very unlikely you will get it.The doctor told me that with my lower immune system it would probably kill me.The wife said no more fishing are around the water,what a bummer.the outdoor fishing radio this morning talked about it.the odds of you getting it are slim,but in my case I chose not to take the chance.The friend that got it from a shrimp,took about 3 months to beat it,still fishes west bay.Love eating raw oysters,but you can get it from eating them//no more raw oysters for me.YOUR CHOICE

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    Everything in life has its risks. I have to fish, no doubt about it. If I am to die, let it be with a fishing pole in my hands.

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    Are the chances of winning the lotto greater than getting the Bacteria ?
    Im with Luckydog I rather die with a fishing pole in my
    God Be With You

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    Yes I saw the write-up. What I read it was a 79 year old fishing with his 3 brothers and got just a scrape on his finger. The attending physician said he had his doubts that the man was infected from something in Lake Conroe .... but then you'll never prove one way or the other. Sad for the young man.

    I'm with Tim and Gilbert. Do you want to live a long miserable life or really enjoy what time you have? Gimme that pole.
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    A non fishing friend asked me yesterday if worried about flesh eating disease. I said no more than I worry about a morning commute or being robbed at gunpoint. Besides, I don't fish, I'm a fisherman and there's no place else I'd rather be than on the water. If I make it to 79 years old and still fishing, I will have arrived!
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    Not gonna stop me once I get a chance to get back on the water. 14 days and the fish will not have a chance. I will be taking all I can every chance I get. If anyone needs a second seat after the 17th let me know.
    A bad day on the water beats a good day in the office.

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